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Lab Testing equipment's



We are manufacturers and suppliers of lab testing equipment's, our range not limit to slum cone, compression testing machine, we also manufacture Humidity oven and The core cutting machine, core drilling machine is diesel engine operated powered road building drill has been designed specifically for the purpose of drilling tests which include:
A. Core from or holes in roads
B. Bridges
C. Airport Runways and others.
These machines comprise of two vertical supports Pillar (Heavy Duty) that can carry the drill head or engine assembly with higher perfection. The 5 HP diesel engines with pulley mechanism works with least vibrations. The double precision bit precision bit advances with screwed spindle, which ensure a constant and accurate drill pressure, minimum core chipping and longer service life. The machine is a suitable Engine; standard make is fitted in the machine with cooling arrangement with water.
D. The base frame is also fitted with wheels for ease of transportation
The complete assembly is supplied on a rigid metal base with leveling facility. This is also suitable for vertically down coring applications. .

Humidity Oven

CTM Motorized 100 Ton
lab testing equipment's India Model- CTI/HO-150
lab testing equipment's Chennai Maker - Constech
lab testing equipment's Delhi Dimension/Internal- 510X490X590 MM
lab testing equipment's gurgaon Variation- 0.5 Degree C
lab testing equipment's Hyderabad Fluctuation- 0.1 Degree C
Power- 240 V, 50 Hz. 1 Ph
Weight- 60 KG
Electric oven
24X24" thermostat medium
Temperature Range (AT 20 Degree Celsius Cabinet)- 0-90 Degree C
Recorder- 7 day on temperature 0-50 degree C Humidity 10-90 degree RH
Model: CTI/CTM/EM-100
Maker - Constech
Capacity: 100 Ton
Type: Electric 1HP 3Phase Motor
motorized/hand operated

2. Slump Cone

3. Cube Moulds

With clamp, base & 150X150 MM Side
4. Sieves Brass 8"

5. Sieves Brass 8" Micron

Compression Testing Machine

Core Cutting Machine

Maker - Constech
CAPACITY - 100 Ton Type: Manual)
Specification: Strength of Concrete is a very important aspect during construction. Strength of Concrete is obtained by crushing the specimen in from of cubes or cylinders. Engineers carefully design and specimen is tested by applying load in compression Testing Machine. With calibration certificate
Model - CTI/CM/WH-55 F
core cutting machine Maker - Constech
humidity oven Type: Engine Operated
slum cone suppliers Power: 5 Hp Air Cooled Diesel Engine Greaves
Diameter: 100 MM
Length: 600 MM