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Monkey Lift Mini Crane

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of hanging platforms, Monkey Lift mini crane and Mini Crane machines. The specifications of our hanging platforms, Monkey Lift Crane and Mini Crane machines are mentioned above in specifications column. Our Monkey Lift and Mini Crane machines provide for productive and flexible working condition at scattered work sites.

Hanging Platform

Monkey Lift Crane/Mini Crane

    monkey lift mini crane Maker- Constech
    mini crane suppliers India Hgeiht-100 mtrs.
    mini crane suppliers Hyderabad Rated load-630kg
    mini crane manufacturers India Platform length-6mtrs
    hanging platform manufacturers Jaipur Safty lock type-LST 20
    Volume-2.9 m3
    hanging platform manufacturers Delhi Weight-1800kg
    hanging platform manufacturers India Counter weight-25mm x 36pcs
    hanging platform manufacturers Delhi Daimeter of steel rope-8.3 mm
    hanging platform manufacturers Hyderabad Voltage 3 phase-415 V 50Hz2
    hanging platform manufacturers Jaipur Working Speed-9.6 mtrs./min

    hanging platform manufacturers and suppliers Model-CTI/HP-800
    monkey crane suppliers Height-100 mtrs
    hanging platform suppliers India Rated load-800kg
    Platform length-7.5mtrs
    Safty lock type-LST 20
    Volume-3.5 m3
    Counter weight-25mm x 40pcs
    Daimeter of steel rope-8.6 mm
    Voltage 3 phase-415 V 50Hz2 AC
    Working Speed-9.6 mtrs./min