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Vacuum Dewatering System



To have a high quality concrete floor, we are engaged in offering a comprehensive range of vacuum dewatering system, Power Floater, Screed board vibrator and Power Trowel. It removes surplus water always present in the concrete. This process lowers the water content in the concrete by 15-25%.

These machines do not require a skilled operator as the entire operations is very easy. It consists of a set of a double beam screed vibrator, power floater cum trowel, vacuum pump and a groove cutting machine. It brings compactness to the concrete which further enhances the compressive strength, density and the resistance to water penetration.

Power Floater
Vacuum Dewatering Pump
Model - CTI/PF-39
Model- CTI/VP-24
Maker - Constech
Maker - Constech
Handle Height - Adjustable
Max. Dewatering Capacity- 24 sq Meter
Disc Thickness - 5 mm
Power Rating - 7.5 HP
Disc Thickness - 5 mm

Power Trowel ( Blade - 4 Nos )
Double Beam Screed board vibrator
Double Beam Screed board vibrator

construction machinery India Model - CTI/PT-39
construction machinery Jaipur Maker - Constech
construction machinery Hyderabad handle eight - Adjustable

construction machinery suppliers Blade Thickness - 2 mm.

construction machinery manufacturers Delhi Prime Mover - 5 HP 3 Ph Motor

double beam vibrator
Model - CTI/SV-4.2
Maker - Constech
Length - 4.2 Meter
Power Rating- 1 HP 3 Ph Vibratory Motor
Electric Panel Board Large/Small
Double Beam Screed board vibrator
Electric Panel Board
Model- CTI/EPB-4
Current Rating- 16amp/25amp
all machineries with electric cable and socket
filter mat

Filter Mats 1 set (4X1) Meter
Suction Pipe
Top Mat With Handel